Drifted Pictures Presents:


Craig Calamis
Craig Calamis Director / Editor / Writer / Producer As far back as he can remember, Craig had a passion for filmmaking and photography. When he was five, his parents bought him a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of Tony Scott’s Days of Thunder, one of his favorite movies as a child. Even at such a young age he was captivated and inspired by all the creativity, choreography, and collaboration that took place on a film set. Calamis admired and practiced filmmaking throughout his childhood and all the way through college. He attended the University of Central Florida where he studied film production and entrepreneurial business at both undergraduate and graduate levels. During his undergraduate studies, Craig Wrote, Produced and Directed five short films that were awarded at fifteen film festivals worldwide, most notably the Young Cuts International Film Festival in Montreal, and the Aesthetic Film Festival in the U.K. After film school, Craig Wrote, Produced, and Directed his first feature-length film, THE DRIFTER, which is now in consideration for festivals throughout the 2015 circuit. Craig now works as a freelance filmmaker in New York.
Danny Bellini
Danny Bellini Writer / Producer / Production Designer If Danny Bellini knows one thing, it’s that he’s going to be in the business of storytelling forever. With an English major from the University of Central Florida, a childhood in theater and a mounting career with Drifted Pictures, he’s headed in any direction he can clear a path for. Danny recently moved from Florida to New York where he works freelance as a storyboard artist, assistant director and production designer. Still writing, and acting in anything with great characters he’s managed to successfully plant himself inside the big apple where he hopes he can take his passions to the next level.
Cornelius O’Donoghue
Cornelius O'Donoghue Director of Photography Cornelius is an undergraduate at the University of Central Florida, currently working on his Bachelor’s of the Fine Arts degree in film production. His interests span across all aspects of filmmaking with a particular emphasis on cinematography. Cornelius developed a love for filmmaking at the age of 8 when he first started playing with his parents’ HI-8 camcorder. Since then he has devoted his time to gaining as much knowledge and experience as possible by working films, music videos, and other commercial productions.
Grady Allen Bishop
Grady Allen Bishop Stunt Coordinator Mr. Bishop, stunt veteran, accompanied by his team of highly trained professional stunt drivers, The Extreme Stunt and Driving Team, will be coordinating and supervising all stunt work on the project. Grady Bishop has over 32 years of experience in the business, expanding his Extreme Team to both the east and west coasts, and building the group to over two-dozen members. Bishop and the Extreme Team are responsible for a laundry list of "A" list movies and TV shows; to name a few, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Miami Vice, and Jackass. Grady understands deeply and supports the importance of independent films and has always had the utmost respect for independent filmmakers.
John Stiglmeier<
John Stiglmeier Executive Producer John Stiglmeier, Jr. is a private investor and serial entrepreneur. Mr. Stiglmeier received his first producer credit for Marielle Wood’s short film Mi Corazon (2013). He is the Executive Producer for the Raucous Bacchus feature film Nantucket Sounds (pre-production) and is proud to have been an early supporter of Craig Calamis and Danny Bellini’s debut feature film The Drifter. Mr. Stiglmeier resides in Palm Beach, FL and Nantucket, MA with his wife and children and looks forward to working with the talented, creative “Drifter” team on future projects.
Matt Duncan
Matt Duncan Composer Matt studied Digital Arts and Sound Engineering at Stetson University, and currently works as a freelance composer and filmmaker, creating soundtracks and films for the Orlando Science Center, the Central Florida Zoo, and various other projects and companies around Central Florida. He collects vintage and obscure instruments, and practices the guitar, drums, piano and accordion on a daily basis.
Heath Jarid Lacy
Heath Jarid Lacy Gaffer Lacy is an extremely efficient and talented lighting technician. His goal in life is to become an expert Cinematographer, a painter of light. He is originally from Miami, but has spent many years in Orlando obtaining several film degrees, and a slue of experience. Eventually, He plans to venture out to New York or LA to further his career and as a lighting professional.
Tu Do
Tu Do 2nd Camera / 1st Assistant Camera Tu is a student attending the University of Central Florida for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film Production. He will be working as the 2nd Camera Operator and 1st Assistant Camera on The Drifter. With a background in figure drawings and photography, he continuously tries to bring new ideas and different perspectives into his work as a director and cinematographer. He spends his free time taking as many photographs as he can, and he also enjoys buying cool socks.
Brandon Cherington
Brandon Cherington January 8, 1988 - February 28, 2014 Sound Mixer / Boom Operator While working on The Drifter Cherington was enrolled in the undergraduate film program at UCF with concentrations in script writing and directing. He also was very interested in the powerful and creative ways to use sound design in film. Brandon aspired to have his films ‘heard’ and not just ‘viewed’ by delving deep into the art of sound. To begin his path in the sound department, he focused on production sound recording. As a filmmaker he aspired to be one who is well versed in all aspects of film. He also wanted to practice and improve his script writing as well, to prepare for writing and directing his own films in UCF’s B.F.A. film program.
Aamira Browne
Aamira Browne Locations Manager Ever since she was a child, filmmaking has always captured Aamira's heart. Her passion grew through the idea of someone being able to physically create the world that the movie was set in. Through her grade school years, Aamira made sure to insert herself into the production and art aspects of TvProductions, and other various film and theater related events. The Drifter marks the first feature film that Aamira has worked on as a Location Manager. Falling in love with the job and the title, Aamira has since graduated from the film program at Valencia College and has earned credits on multiple films and music videos bouncing between the Locations and Art department.
Thanh Pham
Thanh Pham Make-up Artist / Special Effects Technician Pham is a makeup artist from Nebraska! She moved to Orlando in July 2011 to attend Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Training Center. She furthered her skills in beauty and also learned special effects techniques there as well. Thanh has done makeup for photoshoots, music videos, advertisements, and film. She wants to travel the world to do makeup, but eventually end up on the west coast in Hollywood.
Justin Rhodes
Justin Rhodes Graphic Designer / Visual Effects Artist As far back as he can remember, Rhodes has been extremely interested in the power of the computer. His digital design career began in high school, where he performed graphics and website work for his friends and family. From there, he moved on to attain his Bachelor’s degree in 2010, in Digital Media, at The University of Central Florida. After graduating, he immediately continued his education at UCF, quickly completing his Master’s degree in Digital Forensics. Currently, Justin is a technician for a Fortune 500 company and continues to freelance websites and graphics to worthwhile projects in his spare time.
Westly Rodri
Westly Rodri Visual Effects Artist West Rodri is a multimedia artist specializing in visual effects for film. Starting out with graphic/motion design, his skills have led to new opportunities; expanding his range to more realistic effects, fooling the audience’s eye, and making visions come to life.
Judy Calamis
Judy Calamis Executive Producer
Suzy Chandler
Suzy Chandler Associate Producer
Jared Ross King
Jared Ross King Production Manager
Marv J. Thompsonm
Marv J. Thompson Script Supervisor
Chelsie Holler
Chelsie Holler Grip / Key P.A.
Adam Johns
Adam Johns 1st Assistant Director
Wayne Handler
Wayne Handler Camera Car Driver
Brian Adams
Brian Adams Production Stills
Schuyler Osborne
Schuyler Osborne BTS Video
Mikhail Howell
Mikhail Howell BTS Video
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson BTS Photo
Max Rousseau
Max Rousseau BTS Video
Jean-Michelle Rousseau
Jean-Michelle Rousseau BTS Photo
Thomas Rainone - Digital Asset Manager
Dave Kramer - Precision Driver
Angelique Rockwood - Script Supervisor
Christian Marleton - Script Supervisor
Ronald Quiliche - Visual Effects Artist
Steven Holland - Production Assistant
Germaine Rigg - Production Assistant
Marquee Tyler - Production Assistant