Drifted Pictures Presents:


Behind the Scenes

THE DRIFTER is the feature film debut of Director, Craig Calamis, and was fueled by the passions of fellow debut filmmakers, employing students and professionals alike to bring you a story deep inside one man’s struggle between good and evil.

By the time of its release in the spring of 2014, this micro-budget production will have totaled four faithful years in the making. During this journey, the cast and crew encountered countless hurdles along the way, only to swiftly and astoundingly overcome them.

Funds for the film were raised using a combination of crowd-sourcing, live fundraising events, and private donations. The entire production, encompassing twenty-one days of production, over thirty team members, and spanning all across Central Florida, cost just under thirteen thousand dollars to produce.

A focus on patience, perseverance, and faith has driven Calamis and his supporters to the completion of this long-awaited feature-film, starring Christopher Lee Gibson.