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Submitting to Sundance
Sep 25, 2013

Today we give you two reasons to celebrate!

It is our fearless Director’s 26th Birthday!

And to reward him for all of his hard work, The Drifter has been sent to its very first Film Festival.

That’s right, we've submitted the film to the world-renowned SUNDANCE Film Festival!

We can’t thank our supporters enough, and we hope you’ll stick with us as we finish the film and begin our festival tour. Now these do get expensive, so we will be launching a final fundraiser in spring 2014 in order to submit ourselves to every festival that comes our way.

...Something we’ve always encountered with fans and supporters is the question of what happens once the film is finished. If it gets in to a festival, what then?

Well, when we find ourselves premiering in front of a live audience, Q&A's are an essential part of the process. During these sessions, we not only hope to share the story behind the making of the film, but every filmmaker hopes and dreams to find someone in the audience who wants to distribute the film, fund our next project, or perhaps even a sequel. Anything can happen when you put yourself out there, and that's why this final step in our artistic endeavor is so crucial. 

So stay tuned for a trailer from The Drifter, a new fundraising campaign with new prizes, and perhaps a little behind the scenes featurette.

Don’t forget to wish our director a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Craig Calamis and thank you for putting everything you have into your art. It really shows.

Keep on Drifting!

- The Drifter Team

Pickup Shots
Jun 21, 2013

There's been some buzz on the internet recently about The Drifter and his motley crew of filmmakers still filming months later.


There's more to The Drifter's story that needs to be told and so we brought our tight-knit crew back together for one final day of shooting. Craig and Cornelius were sharp behind the camera and our actors worked flawlessly to breathe life back into their characters. 


We'd love to tell you every new idea and swarm the site with images of our most recent venture, but it's all part of the process to keep everything a secret and let you be the ones to unwind the life and mystery that is The Drifter. 


So stay tuned for more updates, and keep on Drifting, 

Graphics in Processing
Apr 26, 2013


Yesterday we delivered clips to our awesome graphic artist (& web-designer) Justin Rhodes so he can work his magic in After Effects on some intense clips from the film.
Visit the crew page to learn more about Justin.
We can't wait to see what he does!
Kill it man!