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Mar 27, 2014

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT to our recent contributors:

Christine KahlStephen KahlAdam JohnsJoHnAtHaN LoPEZAbe Otero, Erica Karlinsky, Ellis SinclairErika RydellAubree MarchioneCorey Marnik, Dana Collesar, Tom & Audrey Bellini, Barb WheelerJb WheelerMikael Coleman, and Kathy Bellini.

Your donations will allow The Drifter to soar even further on the festival circuit this year- and for that, we are truly grateful. 

5 DAYS TO GO! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-drifter-premiere/x/442355

In Memory of Brandon Cherington
Mar 3, 2014

This weekend, a good friend, fellow filmmaker, and kind spirit Brandon Cherington passed away tragically. I can’t even find the words to truly express how saddened I am by this. 

I met Brandon while studying film at UCF and teaching in the film department. Brandon also played a tremendous role in the completion of The Drifter and was an all around awesome person- For that I will be eternally grateful to have known him. He was our Boom Operator, mixer, and an endless supply of energy on set. Brandon, this album is in memory of you- for all of your jokes, your serious faces, your hard work, and the laughs you shared with everyone.

Cheers to the good times we shared. Watch over us. RIP - Craig

Everyone check out this Flickr album of some great times on set with Brandon.


$2,385 & 29 Days to Go
Mar 3, 2014

THE DRIFTER hit $2,385 on Indiegogo this weekend! This is a HUGE accomplishment for the film, and our team- Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported us so far!

Shoutout to Tim Pierce and two other very special people for giving us such a tremendous boost.

Just 3 weeks ago, we started from a dead stop- We hadn't campaigned or promoted The Drifter in months (during post-production)- Now, we've almost hit $2,500 and still have 29 days left to go!!

Please continue to share the link to the trailer and campaign page- every dollar and every repost counts for more than you know! THANK YOU.