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Broke $1,000 on Indiegogo!
Feb 28, 2014

THE DRIFTER Officailly broke $1,000 this afternoon on Indiegogo! $1,035 to be exact. This is an amazing accomplishment for us- let's keep it going!

VERY Special Thanks to the following individuals for their contributions to the film:

Andres Roque, Jackie Camps, Fred Gibson Jr, Josh Vogel, Renata Maslowski, Clarence Scott, Marie Marchione, Monay Bruner, Randy Herbein, Jessica Marie, and J. Black


1,000 Hits and Counting
Feb 28, 2014

THE DRIFTER Trailer broke 1,000 hits on Youtube, and $850 on Indiegogo! Thank you to everyone who is continuing to spread the word, every bit helps!

For as little as $10 you will receive a screen credit in this amazing film and help us reach our goal for film festivals and distribution! In the least, share the link on a social media platform, or with a friend or family member that may like to donate.

Definitely a film to be proud of!


Gaining Momentum
Feb 25, 2014

The Drifter Campaign is picking up momentum, so our efforts are definitely paying off! Thank you to everyone who has been sharing and reposting the links to the new trailer and fundraising page- Your efforts are much appreciated.

Also, a very special thank you to everyone who donated so far!

We are close to breaking 1,000 hits on Youtube, and $1,000 on Indiegogo! Please repost this link on any social networks of your choosing. A few swipes or clicks from you, goes very very far for The Drifter. We can't do it without your support!


The Drifter is fueled by the passion of extremely talented filmmakers. Check out the Cast and Crew pages to see the people behind this Debut Indie Feature.