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A lifetime of loneliness and guilt has taken its toll on this tortured soul.

THE DRIFTER is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a uniquely troubled man, Chris Thatcher, who finds himself on a downward spiral induced by the painful memories of his dark and distant past. A lifetime of loneliness and guilt has taken its toll on this tortured soul and the signs are becoming more apparent.

In his search for purpose, The Drifter spends his days and long nights on the open road, desperate to erase the haunting images that lurk deep within his mind. One evening, Chris finds refuge from the highway's cadence in a small southern town and decides to make himself at home. He knows that he doesn’t have the power to change where’s he’s come from, but in a new town, with a fresh facade, he’s certainly in control of what he’s becoming.

While in his temporary haven, captured in the clandestine euphoria of new beginnings, he unexpectedly crosses paths with an old acquaintance who is quickly entertained by the uneasiness that Chris exudes. As memories of their past begin to surface, the tension in the room is palpable and their games of false-friendship and betrayal officially begin.

The Drifter has many skeletons to hide, and his old rival is determined to uncover them. As The Drifter’s memories grow darker, he begins to blur the fine line between man and monster, slipping further away from his grasp on reality.